Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Parent and Teen Coaching : Parents and Teens Unite!

Dear Parents:

Do you feel like your teen or pre-teen is a complete stranger? Have the lines of communication been severed? Is your teen making poor choices or struggling in school?

This website is dedicated to giving HOPE to parents who have lost hope!

Today many pre-teens and teens are more attached to their peers and to the peer culture than they are to their own families. What can parents do to prevent the diminishing attachments between themselves and their kids?

How can parents create a world at home that allows kids to feel a “connectedness” that they more readily create with their peers?

Today many teens and pre-teens have been thrust into a blended family situation that might not be blending so well. When families merge together there is an incredible amount of change and with change comes resistance. Adjusting to two part-time environments can be very difficult for kids.

The fact is … many of today’s parents were raised in homes where they felt silenced, like they didn’t measure up and that’s not what they wanted for their child. Yet they struggle to find ways to open the lines of communication with their teen.

As a result many parents have lost hope.

It is time to Stop - Take a Breath - and Reassess.

With the support of a skilled coach parents and teens can coexist in an environment rooted in Trust, Support, Respect, and Understanding - an environment free of punishment and undeserved guilt.

Coaching creates Harmony when once there was Discord - Joy when once there was Despair - Peace of mind when once there was Confusion.

Parents can increase their awareness to their power to choose thoughts and behaviors and learn to ask themselves: “Am I choosing to do something that will increase the distance between me and my child?”

By making the shift to appreciate, to understand, to support, and to respect our children and our spouses, children can experience healthy connections in the home with parents and outside the home with their peers.

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There is HOPE!

Isabelle Zehnder
Family and Life Coach
Positive Family Solutions